Will GoogleTV put cable out of business?

By August 26, 2010

Google has a new product called Google TV that will be launching Fall 2010. Google TV proposes to bring the two visual mediums you love together without having to neglect one or the other. GoogleTV has teamed up with Sony, Logitech, Intel, and DISH Network to bring this technology to a living room near you. This product promises to make finding what you want to watch easier and more enjoyable for the whole family. Some TVs will come with the product pre-installed or you may purchase a separate box. It will combine ones TV, DVR recordings and Internet all in one place.

With this exciting new concept how will cable providers be able to compete? Will this hurt computer sales and boost TVs? Maybe this product will balance the two. On one hand you have those that won’t even look at a computer and have no idea what it is. Most likely those users will stick with their TV and possibly stumble upon GoogleTV if they have a TV that has it pre installed. Then you have those that can’t live without their desktop, laptop, iPad/iPhone etc. This audience will jump at the thought of being able to still be a click away from the internet and catch their favorite program on television. With so many networks providing clips and episodes of their shows online, will there be a need for cable television? In the future, likely not. Networks will likely move more programming online and eliminate the broadcasting cost of their budget. Interested to see what happens. What will you choose: GoogleTV or cable?

See how it will work: