Danish customer service software company opens up new offices in its Midwest hub of Wisconsin

By October 16, 2018

A popular customer service software company called Zendesk is creating a bridge to the Midwest with a new regional hub in Madison, Wisconsin. Although the startup is considered Danish because of its founders, Zendesk’s headquarters are located in the Silicon Valley.

Per a report from MarTechSeries, Zendesk’s new offices had their grand opening Monday and will be able to occupy around 400 employees, which the startup expects to employ soon. Currently, there are 300 employees working at the Midwest portion of Zendesk, which has had its regional component since 2013.

“Since our earliest days in Madison, the city has felt like a second home for Zendesk,” said Zendesk CEO Mikkel Svane. “It offers a vibrant tech and business community, an abundance of talent, and a culture that supports our growth in the region and globally.”

The Madison hub has already been recognized by local outlets as one of the Best Places to Work in Wisconsin’s capital thanks to the work culture and sense of growth.

Zendesk has given back to the local Madison community in the form of donations and community projects as well to establish a sense of home with its regional hub.

“Zendesk recognized Greater Madison as ground level for the next big thing and immediately invested not only in their business here but also in our community through impactful corporate social responsibility initiatives,” said Zach Brandon, President of the Greater Madison Chamber of Commerce. “This expansion is a shining testament to Zendesk’s innovative products and team, as well as the latest proof point in the momentum we are experiencing throughout our economy.”

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