St. Louis’ Click With Me Now, Evtron Pitch At DEMO 2012

By October 4, 2012

Following Bonfyre’s launch of its event-centric social networking app this week, two more St. Louis startups have debuted services at this year’s DEMO in Santa Clara, California. Both Click With Me Now and Evtron have been hard at work showcasing their uniquely innovative technologies to the crowd of entrepreneurs and investors at the annual technology conference.

Slide image for Click With Me Now chance at DEMOClick With Me Now was Missouri’s entry in a national contest that would give eight startups the chance to take part in the three day event. The St. Louis-based startup was chosen among the finalists to give a six minute pitch at DEMO this week, showcasing the company’s download-free, single click, co-web browsing platform.

“Click With Me Now allows for help in researching and buying online when friends and family can’t be standing over your shoulder,” said co-founder and CEO Brian Handrigan. “But in addition to better facilitating the online purchase, our vision is to help companies understand how people share websites with each other. It’s learning from the ways people collaborate on websites with others that will ultimately make the internet a better place for everyone.”

The company is opening the one-click sharing service with invite-based sign ups beginning this week.

Evtron secured its place at this year’s DEMO by simply applying directly to the event back in August. The company told the St. Louis Business Journal that, in less than two days, they had received a response from organizers asking them to attend. With an ever-growing demand for data storage, its little surprise that Evtron, which has created heat sink and cooling technology that allows for an increased number of hard drives to be stored per rack, was asked to take part in one of the biggest startup launch events in the nation. Using Evtron’s technology, data storage centers will, on average, be able to free up two thirds of the rack space currently in use.

The startup was founded by Andrew Mayhall and Kyle Goeken, 19 and 20-year-old entrepreneurs who drove the 2,000 miles between St. Louis and Southern California in only two days. The young founders were similarly given the chance to pitch a six minute demo of the patent-pending technology in front of a crowd of investors and entrepreneurial enthusiasts during the final day of the October event.

Last month Mayhall told Techli that, despite the distance, the founders were going to make the most out of their chance at the national startup showcase. “DEMO is going to be our launch to the world,” Mayhall said. “We are looking forward to capitalizing on the opportunity.”

Corey Cummings

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