The Brandery Accelerator Showcases Third Class Of Cincinnati Startups

By October 4, 2012

This week The Brandery, a Cincinnati-based accelerator, introduced its newest class of startups to a crowd of more than 300 during its latest demo day. Each of the 11 startups were given the chance to pitch to a room full of 150 investors and entrepreneurial enthusiasts at the Great American Ballpark this Wednesday.

Founded in 2010, The Brandery offers $20,000 in seed funding and a 14-week program in which startups work with over sixty mentors.

“We believe this latest class of Brandery graduates is our strongest yet in terms of team strength, market validation, and investor enthusiasm,” said Brandery general manager Mike Bott. “Our world-class mentors and partners seem to be validating that belief as well. There will no doubt be some big success stories in Brandery Class III.”

Startups taking part in the latest Cincinnati accelerator class include:

Flight Car – Looking to eliminate the headache of airport parking fees once and for all, Flight Car allows travelers on both ends to rent out the car they have sitting at the airport to another traveler in need of transportation at their destination. Instead of using a rental car, travelers can organize to rent a car that’s already sitting at the airport, providing the traveler with the transportation they need and helping the owner avoid mounting parking fees.

SocialThreader – A social integration platform for marketers that bring social media content and brand home pages together in one place. Now consumers can see what other customers are saying about products, engaging with the brand and community in a centralized location on the web.

Modulus – Modulus helps out developers by providing a highly scalable hosting and data platform, giving them more time to work on advancing the product instead of maintaining the technology behind it.

CrowdHall – Offering a way for large-scale discussions to play out in an organized manner online, CrowdHall facilitates online meetings by allowing users to write their own questions, vote on the best of the bunch, and get the answers they’re looking for. Public town halls can be joined by any user, and cover topics including politics, local city issues, one-on-one discussions with public figures, and more.

Ontract – A platform where teachers can connect with parents to work together and improve a student’s chance of success in the classroom. Using hard data, Ontract helps parents get involved with their child’s progress before they fall too far behind to recover.

Socstock – Giving small businesses the chance to raise zero-interest capital from the surrounding community, where investors receive pre-arranged benefits and services from the businesses instead of a stake in the company. Socstock dividends can be redeemed through special events hosted by the businesses, or agreed-upon goods and services.

WooWho – An online dating platform that forgoes the typical blind date, WooWho is interested in getting you in the room with the best candidates possible. The startup gives you a choice of vetted individuals, and will then set up brief, low-pressure meetups with the users you’re most interested in.

Off Track Planet – Looking to bring the disparate resources of travel information online into one centralized location, Off Track Planet will soon launch a mobile app that helps “young, sexy, and broke jetsetters explore the world.”

REPP – A new way to make sure you’re dealing with a trustworthy individual online, REPP is looking to bring a unified profile for services like online dating, virtual marketplaces, and more. Using basic information, REPP can create a profile detailing your real world reputability, and help meeting that internet stranger become a bit less stressful.

Andtix – Getting all your friends on the same page about upcoming events can be deceptively challenging. Andtix has created a mobile app that allows you to do just that — quickly create personalized invitations to send out to all of your friends. The app even allows you to keep track of everyone invited across a variety of networks and services, and see at a glance who’s coming.

Impulcity A mobile app that’s looking to make sure you never run out of things to do in your city, Impulsity recommends events based on your interests, and will even show you a map of everything that’s happening around you right now. The app allows users to browse events and also see what other people are saying about what’s happening in their city.

Browse the links above to find out more about The Brandery’s third accelerator class, or visit the organization website to learn more about the Cincinnati-based accelerator program.

Corey Cummings

Corey is a graduate of the University of Wisconsin in Madison where he received degrees in English and Creative Writing. He currently lives in Chicago and enjoys alternately obsessing over video games that aren't out yet and crazy gadgets he can't afford.