The Domain Tech Report Episode 2: Food Essentials

By March 14, 2013

We are back from SXSW and ready to release episode 2 of ‘The Domain Tech Report’ into the wild. During private screenings at SXSW, we got a helluva lot of feedback and it was uniformly positive. Positive as in people saying, “Please come to (Kansas City, Seoul, Dallas, Washington D.C., L.A., Seattle, Vancouver, insert ten other cities here) and film some episodes!”

Internet, thank you. That’s very nice. So nice we just may take our show on the road after we lock down some of the sponsors that have indicated they want their sexy awesome brands splashed all over our show. (Splash away, brands of awesome, splash away and turn the hose dial up to 11)

While we are highlighting St. Louis episodes now, there is more awesomeness to come, like the Very Special episode we filmed at SXSW in Austin and interviewed friend of the show, Startup America’s CEO Scott Case.

We are also excited to talk more about The New Boom Network. The Domain Tech Report is just the first of many new shows coming based on the startup culture. In fact, in episode 2 we have a commercial for one of our upcoming shows!

The New Boom (or TNB! as we like to call it) is dedicated to providing entertaining content for the startup world. So while I know you all want more of TBS (The Big Sexy, aka me), we hope you’re really going to like TNB! For entrepreneurs and startup folks, we’re your new home on the Intertubes.

For now, enjoy episode 2 of DTR and let us know what you think. (To see episode 1, click HERE)

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