Vizify Redesigns Mobile Experience To Help You Look Better At A Glance

By October 25, 2012

vizify bio screenshot

Portland-based personal data visualization startup Vizify rolled out real-time analytics and a redesigned mobile experience this week based on feedback from Vizify fans. Since the company was founded last summer, Vizify’s strikingly designed personal profiles have received millions of page views. Thanks to the new redesign, it’s easier than ever to get same beautiful web-based experience on the go.

vizify mobilevizify iphone

One fourth of Vizify’s traffic is from mobile devices. According to Todd Silverstein, CEO & co-founder, “Our mission is to help you make a great impression online. With more and more of that online traffic moving to mobile, it was clear that a stellar mobile experience needed to be a piece of that. As it turns out, we’ve heard from recruiters telling us that they are indeed looking up potential candidates on their phones.”

Not only can recruiters check out a potential candidate’s education and job history, they can also take a peek at your most frequented spots via your Foursquare check-ins, and see curated quotes and images that you identify with. The best part about Vizify is that you control what other folks see about you. Sites like are already aggregating your public profile data without your permission, so why not control your message and make yourself look great in the process?

Vizify also launched real-time analytics so that you can now see how many people have visited your profile or clicked your email signature bio. While you can’t see who exactly viewed your profile, you can see the number of clicks over time.

vizify analytics

Finally, Vizify also now allows people to upload a large background image that is displayed behind each person’s profile. The Vizify team assures me that they are not turning into Myspace, and it’s easy to believe them because their mission is more about making data beautiful than making you more creepy virtual friends.