ZenCash Expands Its User-Base With QuickBooks, Intuit App Center Integration

By August 30, 2012


ZenCash, the simple, all-inclusive collections solution for small business, has announced this week that they’ve become part of the Intuit App Center. The new addition makes ZenCash the very first “accounts receivable” application being made available to the more than 5 million small businesses using QuickBooks in the US today.

The Dallas-based company provides a service to help small businesses painlessly collecting the money owed to them by their clients. Instead of businesses wasting time calling and hunting down their debtors, they can enroll in ZenCash, who can easily integrate the company’s billing records from nearly a dozen invoicing/accounting applications and assume the collections role for them. ZenCash CEO Brandon Cotter founded the company after many years of experiencing collections headaches of his own while building small businesses.

“Getting paid on time is a struggle for businesses of almost any size and the pain of managing the process internally is often greater than the executive team realizes,” said Cotter. “It is a no-brainer to outsource a process that most companies claim is their least favorite, and is often overlooked, mismanaged or under-staffed.”

The news of ZenCash’s expanded integration and availability follows a recent update that allows participating businesses to customize the reminders for individual clients, effectively tailoring them to each specific relationship. Instead of a set reminder schedule across the board, businesses can now send extra reminders to habitually late payers, or ease off the clients that tend to send a payment on time. With its newly-expanded user-base, the company will continue to implement new features and customization options based on a growing pool of feedback.

“This service would have been near impossible to pull off a few years ago, but by integrating with QuickBooks, small businesses are just a few mouse clicks away,” said Cotter. “We are thrilled to be in a position to help QuickBooks users have more time to focus on core business tasks and become more profitable in the process.”

Swing by the ZenCash website to find out more about the all-in-one collection service, or read our profile to discover the startup’s story from the founder himself.

Corey Cummings

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